About Damon

Damon started playing the piano at 4 years of age.  Both Mom and Dad played, and Damon became infected by their love of music and the piano.  Like his mother, Damon learned to play primarily by ear.  This, combined with an exceptional memory for music (unfortunately not nearly as good at remembering lyrics) led Damon to develop an extraordinarily large repertoire–just don’t ask him to sing.

Damon believes music should be fun–because to him it is fun.  But part of the enjoyment is due to the memories that music triggers, and the emotions that accompany them.  Damon strives to make his performances an emotional journey through nostalgia, and memories of good times and difficult.

Damon played for 9 years Saturday nights (and many Friday and Sunday nights) at the North Woods Inn in Littleton, Colorado.  In 2006 Damon retired from regular playing, and now plays primarily for one-time events such as parties and special occasions.

In addition to playing Damon works part time for Pianos n’ Pianos, a piano store in southwest Littleton, which he says is like “working in a candy shop” because he is surrounded by great pianos.  There Damon is learning a great deal about the instrument he loves, and getting an opportunity to help others find the enjoyment he has in making beautiful music.  If you have need for a good new or used piano in the Denver area, want to sell or trade-up your piano, or just want to “talk pianos,” give Damon a call.


“When I was a kid I told my Mom I wanted to be a musician when I grew up. She said I couldn’t have it both ways.”

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